About the Band

Founded on the shores of Lake Superior in 2019, Cold Leather Seats is a folk-rock band from Michigan. Led by singer-songwriter Alex Svoboda, the band is made up of a collection of artists with a deep love for music and performance.

Together, the band created its own unique, Americana-blend of country, folk, rock, and blues. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jason Isbell, the Head and the Heart, and the Lumineers, the band combines intricate melodies and haunting lyrics that speak to the lover, dreamer, and poet in all of us. 

Cold Leather Seats recorded and released their debut single, "Roots," in December 2020. In March 2022, the band released their second single, "Where We Are." Currently, they are working hard in the studio and will be releasing additional music in 2022. In the meantime, you can stream their music on your favorite streaming platform or catch them live at one of their many shows.

Alex Svoboda

Lead singer and guitarist Alex Svoboda grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. He began writing songs as a teenager, however, it wasn't until attending Northern Michigan University that he first began sharing his songs with close friends.

A lifelong outdoorsman, Svoboda earned a B.S. in Environmental Science while continuing to hone his songwriting, guitar playing and vocal skills. An acoustic musician at heart, his biggest musical influences come from country and folk-rock.

When asked about his mindset as a musician, Svoboda says that no matter what, music should come from the heart. "Be raw, be authentic, love what you play- the world will be better because of it."

Isaac Frisbie

Guitarist and singer Isaac Frisbie grew up in Croton, MI. He began playing with the band in 2021. 

An avid musician and concert enthusiast, Frisbie brings a streak of bluegrass and blues-rock that has contributed greatly to the bands sound and songwriting. 

When not performing or attending concerts, Frisbie is an avid outdoorsman and spends his time canoeing on west Michigan's many rivers. 

Bella Worthing

Violinist and vocalist Bella Worthing grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. She began playing violin at the age of four and has since performed extensively around Nebraska and the Midwest with various musical groups including stunt fiddling group- Frontier Strings.

Bella is currently studying violin and music education at the renowned Omaha Conservatory of Music. When she's not performing or studying, she teaches violin to children as part of the Omaha Conservatory of Music's String Sprouts program.

Erin Brown

Keyboard player and singer Erin Brown first began playing with the band in 2021. While recording the band's newest single, "Where We Are," Erin provided her vocal talents in the studio. After the success of this project, Erin joined the band for it's live shows.

Prior to joining the Cold Leather Seats, Erin has played in a variety of musical groups. Currently, she works as the music director for St. Mary/St. Paul Parish in Big Rapids, MI.

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